Green Hydrogen from Biogas

Direct steam reforming of biogas is the a cost effective option to green hydrogen today. It’s obvious, that the gas-gas conversion path is more efficient than producing electricity and then hydrogen.      

WS Reformer has adapted the FLOX reformer modular products to direct biogas conversion by adjusting the internal process as well as using special catalysts. The systems have a high grade of modularity. Increasing hydrogen demand can be met by simply adding new modules, which comprise all relevant process steps, like desulfurization, steam generation, reforming and CO-Shift. 

The product is addressed to engineering companies, engaged in the hydrogen fueling sector as well as project developers, who need to guarantee 24/7 operation and hydrogen supply.

Our Partners for Biogas Reforming Technologies:

e-flox GmbH

As an experienced plant manufacturer in the field of efficient natural gas and lean gas combustion, e-flox has been offering technologies for saving energy and emissions since 2006. With the new product line of biogas reforming based on our M50 reformer modules, we are currently jointly treading the path of the biogas industry towards the hydrogen turnaround.

BtX energy GmbH

The production of hydrogen is a significantly greater technical challenge for operators of biogas plants. In addition to the pure operation of the plant, further components must be provided for the distribution of the product, which can usually no longer be sold via a grid. The BtX as the most recent WS-daugter does the project planning and realization from the sketch to the launch.