Hydrogen and liquid Carbon-based Hydrogen Carriers

Methanol, DME and Bio-Ethanol - Synthethis and Reforming

Liquid, fossile carbon-based energy carriers, like gasoline, Diesel and Kerosin dominate mobility. The simple reason for this is their high volumetric energy density and easy handling. In ordert to meet the CO2 emission targets alcohols or any  other liquid energy carriers, based on biomass need to subsitute those from fossile origin.  

Biogas is a source for Green DME or Biomethanol. The synthesis process needs a well defined syngas as intermediate step. Our FLOX reformer modular products  could serve as syngas-generator for plant capacities on a farm level. 

Downstream in the energy chain, the extraction of hydrogen from these biobased liquid energy carrier at the point of use is necessary. All our products can do this job: the FLOX reformer compact is perfect for methanol fueled off-grid fuel cell power generators, often envisaged as substitute for small and inefficient Diesel gen-sets. For larger capacities in ship or train applications or on-site fueling stations one would choose the  FLOX reformer modular.  

Particularly ifo ne decides to operate on alcohol/water mixtures, the system will become astonishing simple.