Micro-scale Steam Reformers for Fuel Cells

FLOX© Reformer Compact

Stationary fuell cell system are mostly operated in combined heat and power (micro-CHP) mode in buildings. Fuel is predominantly natural gas. The FLOX reformer compact product line ranges from 1kW to 10 kW and meet the requirements for these application:

  • Compact
  • Easy to operate with only one temperature to be actively controlled
  • High conversion rate (>90%) and hydrogen efficiency (>80%)

The units are available for LT- as well as HT-PEM fuel cells. Along with the unique add-on features: reliable anode-off-gas combustion, jet-pump driven feed supply and highest reformate purity (0ppm CO) the products represent the high-end of micro-CHP steam reformers.

The proprietary process is patented and scalable up to 30kW fuel cell systems. For customized solutions and other fuels please contact us.