Strategic and Techno-Economical Consultancy

Sharing the Experience

Over 20 years we have been involved in numerous development projects worldwide. Our partners range from venture capital start-ups to multi-billion companies in the Automotive-, Boiler- and Gas industry. Our network in science, universities and institutes has been growing continuously and we are a valued partner in public funded, collaborative R&D projects.

The experience covers all kind of fuel cell system architectures (LT-PEM, HT-PEM, SOFC). Self-speaking, we have a broad know-how in all reforming technologies as well as in technologies and components around the core.

Last but not least, you can trust in our industrial expertise, what can be commercially done now, what is at the horizon and what seems to be a dream.

All our customer projects pass this filter and determines our own investment. Please feel free to contact us for feasibility studies and strategic consultancy.