X-to-Hydrogen Small-scale Conversion Systems for the World of Green Gases Chemical extracting hydrogen from various energy carriers or storage options is an essential technology in the green hydrogen energy world.

Technologies range from so called cracking, which includes carbon/hydrogen separation out of methane or nitrogen/hydrogen separation from ammonia over partial oxidation to steam reforming, where additional hydrogen is produced from water in the process.

Our product portfolio covers the whole range of technology and is based on our proprietary FLOX© combustion technology, combined with smart heat management by patented, efficient heat exchangers, indirect radiative heat transfer, highly integrated reactor design and the customised use of various special catalysts.

Steam Reformer for Biogas and Natural Gas

Small steam reformers for the decentral production of hydrogen from natural gas or biogas.

Hydrogen and Liquid Carbon-based Hydrogen Carriers

Syngas production for methanol, DME und bio-ethanol applications

Micro-scale Steam Reformers for Fuel Cells

Direct production of hydrogen for fuel cells with micro-scale reformers.

Strategic and Technological Consultancy

Long term experiences in research & development as well as plant engineering.