Extracting Hydrogen from Ammonia

Der FLOX© A-Cracker

Ammonia is a common commodity in the fertilizer und chemical industry. In the hydrogen sector it is considered as promising candidate for hydrogen transport in a carbon-free world. Synthesis from CO2-free feedstocks like N2 from air and  green hydrogen is a viable option The use as fuel for ships, large vehicles but also as hydrogen carrier for remote power generation and industrial hydrogen is straightforward. In this context, the need for efficient extraction (cracker) technology is obvious – we offer.    

The FLOX A-cracker is a gas heated ammonia cracker, which is able to use a part of the produced hydrogen in order to meet the cracking energy.  Basic technology here is our FLOX reformer modular, but significantly reduced in components. Operating at low NOx levels is self-evident.

For operational data and scale-up options please contact us.