Steam Reformers for the transition from natural gas to hydrogen

The FLOX® Reformer Modular M50 aims to the market of decentralized hydrogen production. Namely for industrial process gas in metal heat treatment and chip or solar cell manufacturing. Hydrogen fueling stations for fuel cell vehicles represent the exciting future market for the M50, which might supply hydrogen for 30 passenger vehicles per day. The demand of fuel cell bus fleets (hundreds kg/day) can be covered by putting in operation additional modules.   

The special design combines proven industrial FLOX® Burners, state-of-the-art reforming technology with unique and patented integration of functions, like desulfurization, process steam generation and CO-shifting for higher H2 yield.  Pressurised operation is perfectly customised to common PSA hydrogen purification technology. As a matter of course – for easy transport, the units fit standard containers.

The technology is scalable by modularisation / multiplication. For customized up-scaling up to 400 Nm³/h please contact us. 

No matter, if you are plant manufacturer, project  developper or operator of fueling stations –  we are ready to commercially offer and support in bringing stakeholders together.